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What do I get after graduating from this program?

Every student will earn their certificate of completion along with their radiology license.

Are there any requirements I have to have before taking this program?

No, you do not need any prior classes before taking our program. Most require a high school diploma or GED, but we do not require that.


I am a high school student and haven’t graduated yet. Can I still take this course?

Yes absolutely! We highly recommend our course for high school seniors that way too have a career as soon as you graduate.


I am interested in dental hygiene but am currently on the waiting list. Will this program prepare me for that?

Absolutely! You will learn the basics of dental, such as instruments, patient care, tooth numbers and surfaces and much more that will give you a one-up when entering a dental hygiene program.


Why do some classes combine with others, even though I chose one specific location?

We strive to give students the best hands-on learning experience possible, so we have a minimum requirement of 5 students per class. If one location does not have 5 students enrolled, we will combine classes together to make sure our students get the true clinical experience.


What is the starting pay for a dental assistant?

Dental assistants can start out making anywhere between $15-$20 depending on the office and specialty.


Is this program all in person?

No, we are a hybrid course meaning the lecture is done at your convenience any time during the week. The lab portion, however, is in person which is on Saturdays from 9-12!


Do you help with job placement?

Yes! At class 5, we help you build and construct your resume specifically for the dental field. We are also partnered with many dentists that are looking to hire to which we provide their contact information to our students.


Do you offer financial aid or payment options?

Yes we do! We are partnered with WIOA through Ohio Means Jobs. In order to apply, please contact your local Ohio Means Jobs center in the county you live. We also offer payment plans to help break the payments up along the way.


I will not be able to attend all Saturday sessions. Can I make them up?

Yes! We understand that vacations and personal matters come first, so if a student misses class it will be made up when he or she returns.


What sessions are available for me to take?

We have four sessions a year. A spring session, summer session, fall and winter.


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